Monday, November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday

So I am really enjoying Cyber Monday today.
It has comparable deals to Black Friday but without the early morning wake up, long lines, and the stress of crowds.
For example, I just ordered the movie UP on Blu-Ray for $20, its normally $45 and Monsters Inc on Blu Ray for $21 instead of $41 (Both are the 4-disc combo packs) and on top of that Amazon was offering a promo code if you bought 2 Pixar Blu Ray movies together, for an additional $15 off.
After choosing the free shipping because my order was over $25, I was able to get 2 great movies on Blu Ray for $26 including shipping, instead of the $86 it would have been at full price.

To learn more about cyber monday, check out this post:

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On the way home today

This is a summary of my walk back from class today

... So I see some Hispanic fellas conversing back and forth and it's at a truly untranslatable speed. It got me thinking about how even though I've taken probably about 3 years of spanish in my life that I would be deathly afraid of trying to spark up a conversation with them as I'm sure many of you would too (Spanish majors excluded). But lets change the scene. You're in your favorite Mexican restaurant, and I'm guilty of it too, but we feel like we have to speak Spanish to our waiter, as if we're going to blow his mind by showing off the fact that we can utilize the vocabulary of a 3 year old (if that) or maybe make his life easier by saying "gracias" after bringing us our 3rd basket of chips. I find this type of behavior to be quite prevalent in the middle aged caucasian demographic. Whats even stranger is the fact that we like to try to speak Spanish in a mexican restaurant so that we appeared to cultured and intelligent but the when Americans travel abroad they are adamant about speaking English and feel like everyone in the world should just learn how to talk American. Don't worry I think as long as you know how to order some enchiladas and burritos you'll make it just fine in Spain.

I finally arrive in front of my apartment and realize there is someone a few paces behind me, so I decide to hold the door for them. I'm not trying to toot my own horn, but it was a pretty nice thing to do. I quickly realized that I had gravely overestimated the proximity of the person behind me and was left with the age old question burning in my mind, "Should I keep holding it until he gets here?". But there are so many variables that come into play because if you let go, then you might be a jerk but if you hold it for an awkwardly long time, especially if the person is of the opposite sex it seems like you're trying to tell them something like "I'll wait for you" when really you're just so insecure about the etiquette of door holding that you freeze up. A lot of times I'll resort to the push back, you know when you can sense the person behind you but you don't want to make the eye contact and exchange thank you's so you just swing/ push the door open and then give it like an extra push as you're walking through so they can grab it before it closes. How about when you're leaving an office and they have two doors directly after each other. Do you switch off opening doors? What if they open both doors for you, saying thank you twice in five feet seems a bit redundant, but if you don't do it the first time you seem ungrateful and risk the chance of getting the second door opened. In this case I'll normally try to change up the way I vocalize my gratitude, so on the first door I may say "Thank you" and on the second, "Preciate it" or "Thanks" will normally do the trick.

That was an exciting day... adios!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Shark Fight (guess what that rhymes with)

Before you read any further, I will assume two things
1. You have seen the Dark Knight
2. You did not see "that new batman movie"- thats like saying you went to see the Mona Lisa and telling me you saw "that painting of a woman". Now there is nothing wrong with referring to Batman because he is without a doubt in the movie. But calling it just a Batman movie conjures up bad thoughts of the governor of California in some sort of cryogenic state and George Clooney with rubber nipples on his suit, which were super unnecessary, nobody has constantly erect nipples bulging through a bat suit... on the other hand, maybe he had them added in preparation for his fight against Arnold aka Mr. Freeze.
The response to this film has been incredible. I'm sure pretty much everyone has seen it, and most have enjoyed it, or atleast appreciate what an unbelievable job Heath Ledger did. People are shouting "Oscar" and I am responding "What do you want?" but many are worried that the track record for an actor winning a posthumous Academy Award are not in Heath's favor. If you are worried about Heath Ledger winning an Oscar, don't be. He's already won one. Me. Now I may not fit nicely over a mantle, but if you stripped me down, painted me gold, I may pass for an egyptian statue of sorts (I say Egyptian, not as any sort of refernce to my ethniciy, I am Swedish, but just because I feel like Egyptians had lots of gold things and lots of statues.) I'm joking, I'm not that cocky. Lighten up. C'mon bro. Why so serious?
Oh yeah, about the whole Christian Bale assualting his mother thing, I think it's rubbish. If he really did it, it's probably because his mom was doing something illegal and he felt obligated to stop her, since he is effing Batman. But one thing that you may not know, is that in England they have levels of Verbal Assault which one can be charged with. So his mom could have been saying, "hey batman" and Christian misheard her and thought she said "Fatman" which pissed him off because he is in incredible shape and then he yelled some British insult like "You bloody wanker, I'm going to toss your bloody knickers in the bloody loo" followed by a B.A. (bad A) pose, like this. (see below)

It's just my opinion, I could be wrong, but hey you've already spent a long time reading my opinion, so... yeah; that's what I thought.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Facebook Stalkers and Sidewalk Walkers

College is great, but there is something that I have run into that I think is a common problem for students. No, I don't mean several close brushes with herpes victims or that hippies care way too much about things they can't change. Even though I love f-book(short for facebook) I think it tells me way to much about people that I don't really know. There are people on campus that I recognize as my facebook friends but we don't acknowledge each other on the way to and from class. So, even though many people believe that your friendship is not "official" until its on facebook, little could be farther from the truth. Anyway, everybody knows that only applies to romantic relationships, cuz if they're on there, that junk is LEGIT!

Here is a scenario:
I can pass someone who I don't talk to, and in the back of mind, I can't help but think, "They're single now, I wonder who broke up with who, and why they joined the group "I hate these too but, i Lost my phone, and need numbers!" Because then I start wondering what happened to that persons phone. I just spend way too much time invested in the lives of random peeps.

One more thing. I really want to come up with a system for when people start walking on the same line as you. I always feel like I'm just waiting to react to which they are going to walk so we avoid a collision(of course this only applies to people that come onto my line after I clearly have determined a path. I think whoever has been on that line the longest should be allowed to keep walking and the other person can just scooch on over to the other side of the walkway.)
However, while I'm waiting to see their next move, so that I can react, it gets to the point where I try to take the initiative and go a certain way and at that exact moment, theres a 87% chance they go the same way and so we're forced to stop, and if i'm really lucky, I try to take another step and we get even closer to running into each other and we do this forced awkward half giggle and say "sorry", but really I'm thinking "Sorry you are incapable of understanding the concept of right of way." I just hope I don't find myself at a 4-way stop sign with those people.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Forever Young

I just ate a vegetarian burger and realized that vegetarians must like poor imitations of things, because it tasted nothing like a real burger. I guess that's why vegetarians love Paula Abdul, because she has an imitation of a brain and singing career. She's like a car alarm... nobody takes her seriously and they just wait for her to be quiet so they get on with their lives.
Anyway, today I saw someone who was out with their dog at this 5k event. A completely normal thing to do, and I think it allowed for some solid bonding between K-9 and man. But what I really don't understand is that when people see a dog out and about, they feel that they have this inherent right to go up to the owner, and while petting the dog, continue to tell them everything about their dog. I might see some merit in doing it, if you have the same type of dog. Maybe you're asking for advice on how to keep your dog from pelvically thrusting everything that moves. But if you don't have the same dog, then why is it imperative for you to go up to a stranger and tell them about your dog. They don't care, and it's just another opportunity for you to build yourself up about how great your dog is. Well I say, let the dog walkers and their dogs, walk in peace and the next time you're compelled to go ambush an innocent pedestrian who happens to own a dog, just think about how little they actually care about your dog. I mean, do you go up to every person you see with a child and proceed to tell them what kind of child you have? NO, because you realize it's kind of weird, and I really think the same principle applies here
I also watched the Lord of the Rings today, or LOTR for all you fantasy fanatics out there, and this question popped into my mind. The elves are immortal, but there are clearly different aged elves among the population. Could someone tell me what the cut off age is for immortality? When do they stop getting old? What stops them from just staying babies their whole lives, just a bunch of baby elves? I know this has zero relevance to your life, but thanks for reading it.
Well I'm gonna go put on my boots with the fur.